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Living with lions.

Last night we were kept awake by the continuous roaring and calling of the two resident male lions. It was a bit unusual because they normally roar a few times to assert their territory but last night they where roaring continuously, definitely calling the pride.

Early this morning we decided to look and see what the fuss was all about and whether the lions were still in the area. We went up onto our viewing deck and was not disappointed, there in front of us were our two males and one of the young females. They were about 100 to 120 meters away from us and immediately saw us. The dominant male and female stood for some time and watched us closely, my wife wanted to dash downstairs to safety but I assured her that they had other things on their mind... I hope!

After some time they broke off their stare and walked away towards thicker bush, by now the game drive vehicles had arrived and were enjoying this amazing sighting. We look forward to little cubs running arround our front yard soon!

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