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Two worlds at opposite ends of the earth came together, distance, culture and circumstances could not impede love. Just one of the common loves between these two is nature and the African bush veld. The blessing of living in the bush with your soulmate would be a dream come true. 

A natural consequence of this shared passion was to build a bush lodge, but with a difference.

People who know us expect that from us… always!

What we had experienced were normal houses called lodges that just happened to be built in the bush, we did not want that. We wanted that permanent holiday feeling. We wanted to feel and experience the bush at every turn but with a sense of style, a sense of rustic luxury. Nature and its beauty needed to be incorporated authentically, elements and materials needed to be taken from nature as much as possible but compliment the obvious needs of modern living. 

Stone, raw wood and plants were arranged into pleasing, practical and functional beauty. Add to this interesting fusion of European centric, minimalistic and artistic flair merging with typical South African ideas and norms. The love of creating something different with common elements and materials is ever present. 

The choice of site was the best possible decision we could have made. We overlook a savanna and experience the whole drama of nature on a daily basis. Twice in four days we have witnessed hunting lions no more than a few meters from the deck. Grazing big five are a common sight also.

The permanent holiday feeling of the lodge makes it impossible not to blend into nature and leave all your cares and worries behind. We have created a space that allows nature and man to come together in harmony, just as our creator had originally intended it to be!


    Gary and Jovita Pollock 


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