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    Situated in an exclusive private reserve incorporated into the greater Kruger Park, Kruger Sunset Lodge offers rare up close encounters with wildlife on your doorstep. The lodge is perfectly situated making it possible to relax and watch passing herds and hunters moving within meters of you. The ever changing savanna in front of you provides hours of relaxed game viewing. 




    The savanna we overlook seems like a lion highway, we experience these magnificent creatures trying to catch their food and some days they are just passing through into the dense bush. The African bush really comes alive at dusk and in the dead of the night! We have two huge and powerful males that enjoy marking their territory near our fence. We hear them roaring at night and the early hours of the morning, it sounds as though they are in our outside shower so powerful and intense is the sound. They have become such a huge part of our our lives and if we have not heard them roaring for a few days we miss them and long for their return.

    Although quite scary, there is not much that can top the sound of the king of the jungle announcing

    his presence no more than a few meters away from you.  

    Living with lions is both a pleasure and a privilege!


    Soon after arriving at Kruger Sunset Lodge you will think that you have arrived at the worlds end. Cares and worries fade and are replaced with humble wonder. Watching gentle giants feeding and strolling by tends to bring perspective to life. The ever changing scene on the savanna brings pleasant surprises throughout the day. Plains game provide entertainment but also excitement as hunting lions have been observed from our lapa on occasions. Shelter under the canopy of Marula trees or enjoy the shade of the viewing deck or lapa while nature unfolds before your very eyes. It is impossible to remain unaffected by the greatness of nature and our place in all of it. Inner searching and introspection is a natural antidote for all who visit Kruger Sunset Lodge. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and gaze at the Milky Way while the fire provides comfort and intimacy.


    This is the thought on every travellers lips, yes we have the big five and many a time you will not even need to go and look for them. Ideally situated on the savanna, lions, elephants, buffalo and rhino walk within 30 meters of the lodge. The illusive leopard has been spotted only once at Kruger Sunset lodge so we may need to drive to find him!


    Hear the sound of an African thunderstorm beating on a tin roof through the mosquito netting. Stare at the wooden pole ceiling with the chandelier hanging above the large stone bath. Aah... Africa, land of contrasts. A mixture of earthy elegance and romance.



    Over 1200 square meters on one level with delightful places to relax and watch the abundant wildlife. Shower under the African sky or soak in a stone bath, the choices are many. Enjoy the pleasure of a fire in an intimate boma - conversation pit and listen to the lions roar nearby. Have a snooze in the lapa on an oversized couch with that special person.


    Kruger Sunset Lodge is not your average house in the bush!

    Unique and different is what you get at this lodge. Built overlooking a savanna sets us apart from a "bush lodge" which conjures up images of thick impenetrable bush limiting movement and sight. Areas within the lodge are wide and expansive yet private and intimate. The emphasis is on game viewing, comfort, style and a sense of splendour!


    Designed as a living in the bush experience, one is always in touch with nature on every level. Indigenous trees, plants and natural elements form part of every space in and outside the lodge.

    Even nature recognises this mandate as roosting francolin have made their home on the deck. Many other species call our lodge home and you will spot them if you are quiet enough. The surroundings are very easy on the eye and a sense of comfort and being one with nature invades your being the moment you enter the lodge.


    Whether it be a herd of these gentle giants shuffling quickly passed the lodge to drink in the river or it be a huge lone bull enjoying the sweet grass of the savanna, they always provide excitement.

    Enjoy a surreal experience in the early evenings just as night falls as these herds move quickly and silently passed you. They appear like ghosts in the night silently shuffling towards the river, the silence occasionally broken by an earth shattering trumpet from the matriarch or bull. 


    A one of a kind swimming pool that gives you that opulent millionaire feeling, place large umbrellas and chairs inside the huge platform in the pool and sip your favourite drink. There are spaces in the pool to wallow like the animals you see on the savanna or get cooler in the deeper channel. Fitting with the bush mandate, the colour is not the customary artificial bright and invasive look, the charcoal bottom exudes a subtle tint of colour enhancing the surroundings to the maximum.



    Generous spaces and perfect volumes are a given at Kruger Sunset Lodge. Just the right mixture of furniture and space allow for maximum impact and quality experience.

    Nature just steps in from every angle and there is abundant space for it in 1200 square meters on one level. A different favourite spot will be found every day during your visit.


    To gather your soul and find peace is easier when you are in the right surroundings. Sundowners take on a different meaning at the lodge, grazing game with a backdrop of distant mountains and an exquisite African sky with all its colour at dusk feeds your inner being.


    The intention to create lasting memories and enhance special times in nature is uppermost at our lodge. There are interesting and well thought of contrasts that make " Vive la difference" a reality at Kruger Sunset Lodge. Large but cosy, rustic but luxurious, open yet intimate, raw and natural elements with dainty chandeliers, generous spaces yet romantic.

    You will need to visit to experience!



    Experience the bush in luxury and style!  Become part of the savanna and come within meters of free roaming game. Superbly designed and situated for maximum enjoyment for all ages. Lounge arround a beautiful swimming pool on a huge deck sipping your favourite cocktail and watch any of the big five stroll by.

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