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What we had seen were normal houses that are called lodges that happened to be built in the bush, we did not want that.

We wanted that permanent holiday feeling.

We wanted to feel and experience the bush at every turn but with a sense of style, a sense of rustic luxury.

Nature and its beauty needed to be authentically incorporated, elements and materials needed to be taken from nature as much as possible but compliment the obvious needs of modern living. 


Stone, raw wood and plants were arranged into pleasing, practical and functional beauty.

Add to this interesting fusion of European centric, minimalistic and artistic flair merging with typical South African ideas and norms.

The love of creating something different with common elements and materials is ever present. 

The permanent holiday feeling of the lodge makes it impossible not to blend into nature and leave all your cares and worries behind.


We have created a space that allows nature and man to come together in harmony, just as our creator had originally intended it to be!









The front entrance and reception area seems like a typical bush lodge style yet it feels grand and welcoming. The earthy stone pillars of the “porte au porche” is a mixture of natural rustic stone which is offset with clean angular decking and wide stairs. The round driveway of fine crushed gravel encircles and frames the imposing covered entrance. The carports although being constructed from natural wooden poles and latte have been interestingly designed.A sense of opulence is felt by the ability to drive your vehicle right into the ample entrance of the lodge.

The intended mixture of rustic with luxury begins at the entrance where high and modern aluminium sacker doors greet you, it is wide and welcoming. Once the entire facade is opened the surrounding nature seems to step into the lodge.

The simplistic earthy concrete floors combined with cemcrete book cases and shelving contrasts with the busy scissor frame untreated wooden poles above. The movement in the cemcrete floors adds character to the minimalistic furniture, excluding the large and homely couch. Huge abstract original paintings, one three meters across assist in creating the unique mood of the lodge.

A large and functional kitchen has the same earthy cemcrete finish, there is not a single tile in the kitchen, in fact there is not a single tile in the whole lodge. The kitchen has an appealing industrial bordering on farmstead feel as there are no cupboards or doors. The perfectly straight and uniform shelves display cutlery and implements, enhancing the homely workroom effect.

On moving through the aluminium stacker doors of the main room, you are greeted by a huge angular composite deck that has a unique swimming pool sunken into it. A pleasing contrast arrises with natural indigenous plants and trees emerging out of flower gardens cut out of the decking. 

Existing indigenous trees have been allowed to push their way through the modern decking giving nature priority. Shade is supplied by Marula, Knob thorn and Acacia trees accentuating the rustic contrast to the modern and angular decking.

Before moving out onto the deck and swimming pool, one can marvel at the many wooden poles hanging overhead, creating a huge sheltered space to enjoy. This type of ceiling is used throughout the lodge emphasising nature and the purpose for visiting the lodge.

The swimming pool is an absolute gem and very unusual. Decking protrudes over the water with two sections going two meters into the pool, creating an island effect. The depth varies allowing one to swim, sip or snack whichever you fancy. A huge 10 x 2 meter step 300 mm deep is used to place umbrellas and chairs onto allowing one to sit inside the pool and keep cool. A deeper channel cleverly provides cooler water relieving swimmers in the heat of the day. Artificial colours have been avoided by using charcoal colouring inside the pool in keeping with the theme of bush and nature.

The bedrooms are housed in a modern flat roof structures completing the U shape which belies the actual height inside. They have high modern aluminium sliding doors across the whole facade giving amazing natural light and a view into the bush. The interior has cemcrete floors with nice movement and a lovely touch has been added with natural wooden inserts placed into the floor. Opulence and a sense of luxury comes from the generous white stone bath and silver standing mixer over it. The chandelier and simplistic taps and spout combined with the clean and minimalistic double vanity speaks of a bygone colonial style.

A spacious outside shower is a delight to the senses, natural stone cladding framed by smooth cemcrete inserts is an interesting contrast. The shiny silver taps and spout combined with the silver light fitting is a welcome cameo idea. The ceilings are high and exposed unvarnished wooden poles create the desired rustic bush effect. A further rustic touch is the mosquito netting made from wooden latte hanging over every bed. They create a warm and romantic feel to the ample bedroom. Lace combined with blackout curtains allow glorious light and views into the bush but provide the option of utter darkness should it be needed for peaceful slumber.

All access areas are on one level and the entire lodge is off the ground making the walk to the “lapa” and conversation pit at the far end a treat. The minute one enters the lodge, shoes can be removed and game viewing and bush style living can be done bare footed.


The “lapa” is very generous and shaded and has a huge family size couch to lounge on while getting up close to the passing game. Trendy and interesting single chairs enhance the bush feel.

The “boma” is actually a conversation pit cleverly sunken into the deck giving one an unmistakable sense of intimacy and safety. Neatly erected latte on three sides adds a lovely screen effect and add to the feeling of privacy and safety while gazing into the fire.


The design cleverly invites and ensures quality alone time for visitors. The facade of the west wing is broken by an amazing, large outside shower artfully built from natural stone. One can enjoy a hot or cold shower without leaving the pool area, yet another romantic but practical touch. One need not worry about shoes as the outside shower feeds directly off the deck. 

A huge and interesting stairway invites one upstairs to the large and partially covered viewing deck.  Rustic woven chairs with comfortable cushions allows one to spend many hours a safe distance from predators. The deck has splendid views overlooking the savanna where plains game and big five members make their appearance. Unvarnished wood is everywhere giving that unmistakable rustic bush feel belied by the soft decking underfoot.


With ample foot lights strategically placed, the lodge turns into a romantic fairy tale after dark yet does not deny one the pleasure of gazing at the Milky Way. This lodge truly has the ability to bombard one with many sensual delights! 



Everything. Look no further. Stunning, light filled architecture, with floor to ceiling windows all around, stylishly and yet comfortably furnished. In a private game reserve adjacent to Kruger NP. The pictures don’t even do it justice. Whether you stay in your large room with freestanding tub, in- and outside showers and a 4 post bed, or around the beautiful pool area, at the lapa looking for wildlife, on the upstairs balcony or in the large dining-living room, this is a place to relax and have a great time. This was the beginning of our honeymoon and we absolutely LOVED it. Self-catering with a great gas BBQ and a fully equipped, large kitchen is perfect when you want your peace out in nature. It’s about 30-40 minutes by car to Malelane gate and you have to be back by 10 pm before the gates to the Mjejane Reserve close. Hosts Gary and Jovita were super nice and helpful, they organized two safaris for us, one with 36 family and friends. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



Dirk/ USA/ / August 2019




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